Now there are also many other things that Jesus did. Were every one of them to be written, I suppose that the world itself could not contain the books that would be written.   John 21:25

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Kuehner Memorial Library
Reformed Episcopal Seminary
826 Second Avenue
Blue Bell, PA 19422
(610) 292-9852 x106
Fax: (610) 292-9853

The Kuehner Memorial Library has about 50,000 volumes, including the Episcopal Recorder from 1880 to date. The collection is especially strong within the areas of the Reformed Episcopal Church, British church history, liturgy, and New Testament.


The Main Collection

The Kuehner Memorial Library has over 41,000 items in our catalog, most of which are available for circulation by our library patrons. Our library’s regular circulating collection, labeled Main, is very strong on Philosophy, Ethics, Religion, Christianity and Church History, the Bible, Liturgy, Worship, Dogmatic Theology, Practical Theology, and Christian Denominations, especially Anglicanism and the Reformed Episcopal Church. The Main section also contains items on Education, Music, Language and Literature. Titles needed for specific classes are moved to a separate temporary Reserve Collection with a more restricted and limited circulation period.

The Martyr Collection

Paul Robert Schneider (August 29, 1897-July 18, 1939) was an Evangelical Church pastor who was the first Protestant minister to be martyred by the Nazis, when he was murdered at Buchenwald, near Weimar. The Paul Schneider Memorial Association donated a collection of books and some funds to our seminary with which we established a special collection in his honor. The Rev. Paul Schneider Library of Martyrs Collection is located in the Herter Study Center on the second floor of the seminary. All Martyr Collection items are available for regular circulation.

The Meadowhaven Collection

The Rev. Bob and Judy Pardon are the executive directors of MeadowHaven, a facility in Lakeville, Massachusetts that helped people recover from cults and help them to reintegrate back into society. MeadowHaven exists to provide a refuge for former members of high control, destructive groups to rest, heal, and grow. By understanding their experience in an abusive environment and acquiring the skills necessary for life outside the group, MeadowHaven helps former members recover their ability to be thriving contributors to society. Healing is fostered in the context of healthy community, relationships with other former members with similar experiences, and a supportive staff who understand the processes of thought reform, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), identity confusion, chronic emotional disturbance, etc. Rev. Pardon has donated several books and materials that are either written by the groups themselves or books and materials written by others that dissect what the groups believe and shows how that is not compatible with Holy Scripture and orthodox Christianity as well as materials to help those who have fallen prey to said groups.

The Rare Book Collection

The Wailes Conference Room adjacent to the library houses a collection of books considered to be rare, some of which date from as early as the 16th Century. These items do not circulate, but are available for special handling and study by scholars only by special permission.

The Archives

The Archive collection, like the Rare books, has limited circulation and is available for use by appointment. The Archives not only contain items concerning both the Reformed Episcopal Church and the Reformed Episcopal Seminary but it also contains works written by the various faculty members we have had throughout the years; thesis and dissertations written by faculty and students; and even contains copies of all denominational council minutes and diocesan (synodal) council minutes as well as copies of the Episcopal Recorder dating back to its beginning. The Archives has a comprehensive collection of bulletins, photographs, newsletters, parish registers and other material related to the life of the Church, its clergy, and its members. There is a growing collection of materials related to the Anglican Church in North America, dating back to its founding in 2009.

Library Staff

The Very Rev. Canon Jonathan S. Riches, Ph.D., D.Min., S.T.M., M.Div.

  • Library Director
  • 610 292-9852

The Rev. Deacon Vic Broberg, M.Div.

  • Librarian and Director of Information Technology
  • 610 292-9852 x107


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Southeastern Pennsylvania Theological Library Association

The Kuehner Memorial Library belongs to SEPTLA, which is a consortia sub-group under ATLA (American Theological Library Association). SEPTLA consists of accredited theological seminaries and schools of theological education and across Southeast Pennsylvania (and Northeast New Jersey). Member libraries include: Princeton Theological Seminary; Saint Charles Borromeo; United Lutheran; Westminster Theological Seminary; Missio Seminary (formerly Biblical); the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Seminary; Reformed Episcopal Seminary, and others. Faculty, staff, and students, who are in good standing, of the member libraries have borrowing privileges at the other member libraries. Students, faculty, and staff from each institution have borrowing privileges at other libraries in the Association.

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