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H. H. Drake Williams III, Ph.D.

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Opening Picnic and Start to the 2022-2023 Academic Year

Dear Seminary Community, Our Administration and staff are hard at work preparing to start the new academic year. we have updated facilities, new courses, and new technology.  Please attend to these important announcements below: If you are a currently enrolled student or would like to take classes this Trinity term, and you have not yet […]

How to Set Your Time Zone in Populi

How to set your Local Timezone in Populi:1. Log into Populi2. Click the down arrow next to your picture: 3. Click settings4. Click the drop down menu under the “Timezone” section.5. Select the timezone where you live (see below).  Having the Timezone set to where you will make everything be displayed in your local time.

Most Affordable Program

Reformed Episcopal Seminary has been named one of the Most Affordable Master of Divinity programs by Click on the link, scroll down to Pennsylvania, and we are the second listing. Article Link at

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