Departments & Faculty

Departments & Faculty

Departments & Faculty


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Department of Old and New Testament Theology


Department of Dogmatic, Historical & Confessional Theology


Department of Pastoral Theology


Visiting Professors

  • The Rev. Dr. Derek Cooper, Historical Theology and Global Christianity
  • The Rev. Steve Rutt,  Missiology
  • The Rt. Rev. Dr. Jasmin Milic, Liturgical Theology & Eastern European Culture
  • The Rev. Dr. Martin Lohrmann, Reformation Studies
  • The Rev. Dr. John Ferns - Anglican Literature
  • Mrs. Gillian Ferns - Anglican Literature
  • The Rev. Dr. Julian Linell, Global Anglicanism
  • Dr. Barbara West, Ministry & Special Needs
  • The Rt. Rev. Keith Ackerman, Liturgy & Psychology
  • The Rt. Rev. Ray Sutton, Visiting Professor, Covenantal Theology
  • The Rev. Dr. Wayne Headman, New Testament
  • The Rev. Robert Pardon, Lecturer, Religions and Cult Studies
  • The Rev. Michael Niebauer, Lecturer, Anglican Theology



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